• Should Women Sports Get More Coverage Than the Male Sports? The question on women's sports isn't so much whether they should get more coverage than the male sports as it is how much coverage they should receive. A USC/Purdue study published in April found that women's sports get less coverage than their male counterparts. In 2019, nearly 95% of television and radio coverage was dedicated to men's sports. Daily online newsletters and social posts by publishers on Twitter focused on men's sport. Only eight newsletters led with a women's story. This means that we aren't getting enough coverage for women's sports.

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    Many sports journalists say that the lack of coverage for women's sports is one of the reasons why they don't get enough coverage. This lack of coverage limits the opportunities for female athletes. Instead, female-specific sports should be created, fit for women's anatomy, physiology, and skill sets. Rather than copying male athletic archetypes and role models, feminists should create their own. A Seattle Storm reporter agreed that there are plenty of stories to cover, whether it's a streak by a player, or a quest to break a franchise record.

    Some researchers have pointed out that when women's sports receive less coverage, it can decrease viewership and revenue. While these are legitimate concerns, they are not the only factor. In fact, if women's sports draw relatively few crowds, the need to cover them may not be as obvious. Therefore, the need for better coverage of women's sports must come from the grassroots. Those in the media must take a stand and demand change.

    The lack of coverage of women's sports is problematic for the media. While women's sports stories are often ignored in newspapers and television news, the vast majority of men's sports dominate the top 10 sports news sites. As a result, there's not a lot of room for women's stories. Furthermore, a female athlete's injury or scoring streak may be the only storyline that gets attention.

    Research on women's sports coverage has shown that women's sport is not receiving adequate media coverage in the United States. The majority of viewers are unaware of the fact that their favorite athletes are underrepresented in the major sports, but they are likely to be aware of them. However, there are many obstacles to getting the attention of these female athletes. But, as long as women's stories are featured, the media can make up for it.

    Women's sports should be featured more in the media, and the media should give them equal coverage. Currently, coverage of men's sports dominates the mainstream. If women's sport is more popular, there will be more interest in it. And that's good for women's sports. But women's sport is still underrepresented in the mainstream media. Despite its popularity, it still isn't covered as much as men's sports.

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