• The eviction notice stated that the man must vacate the building immediately.In the movie, the hero stands on a car to loudly proclaim his love for his girlfriend.Asking my mother for money used to entail hearing a speech from her about the importance of financial planning.In the following sentences, note whether the underlined word is used correctly or not.The realization that she had spent almost a decade attempting to salvage a marriage that was ultimately doomed filled her with chagrin.The organization’s plans to register new voters were repeatedly divulged by logistical challenges.After a protracted illness, Nima’s poodle finally recovered.I am not cognizant of any objection to the advice of this committee.Our trip to southern Italy last summer was absolutely sublime.Did the soldiers volunteer for this assignment, or were they coerced by their commanding officer?Bill was an avid astronomer and science fiction buff who hoped that someday sentient beings would be discovered on some distant planet.Jean is taking a little hiatus from work this week in order to attend to some personal matters.It amazes me sometimes how oblivious my young son can be to the fact that one of his shoelaces is untied, or that he has peanut butter smeared on his pants, or that he has put his shirt on backwards.Having learned the nomenclature for describing the various types of beer, Ralph enjoyed showing off his newfound knowledge to his friends.An experienced spy knows how to be present and yet inconspicuous.If you are sufficiently tenacious, you can achieve almost anything.The Yanomamo are an indigenous people who live in the upper Amazon region of South America.Although as a child he had been bitten by a rattlesnake there, Dan’s fondness for traversing the Arizona desert was as strong as it had ever been.A hint of desperation crept into her voice as Janet entreated the ticket agent to sell her a seat on the next flight.I felt that he exaggerated his character’s inner torment to the point of caricature.What nomenclature should we use to label the different elements of a professional organization?Wang decided to return to academia.Although officially a democracy, the government of this country functions more like an autocracy.After studying German for a year, Alex spent a summer in Berlin in order to improve upon his nascent skills.Although Hector is famous, his small size and tendency to wear sunglasses and ordinary clothing allow him to wander the streets inconspicuously.The police officer was found guilty of coercing the suspect to sign a confession.Both cars are extraordinary, but the bright purple Cadillac with gold trim is definitely the gaudier of the two.Someday Lillian hopes to traverse the Australian outback with her older brothers.The more Peter ignored her, the more histrionically Patricia registered her dissatisfaction, with heavy sighs, pointed looks, and melodramatic remarks.The child dug into his ice cream with such tenacity that within seconds the bowl was empty.How could you forget the two things I asked you to buy at the grocery store?The giant panda is indigenous to western China.Carmen believed that if she kept on entreating her boss to let her take an extra week off in June, her boss would eventually agree to the plan.It would be better for you to remain indigenous rather than allowing the two men to see you.Her nascent medical skills allowed the resident to assist the elderly man when he collapsed in the subway.Katrina was completely exhausted after traversing the north side of the city all day.Perhaps it is his training as an actor that allows George to become so histrionic when he is upset.The president of the school board has been accused of being licentious, but he is in fact a devoted and faithful husband.Briar’s plan to hike the Italian Alps by herself next summer is quite audacious!After his conviction for allowing prisoners to be both verbally and physically abused, the warden’s infamy quickly grew throughout the state.Sid always abstained from alcohol on the night before an important exam.The man’s iniquity was reflected in his extensive history of theft and assault.The student demonstrated his humility by approaching the master quietly and addressing the old man in the most respectful language.The day after George proposed, Liza showed up at work wearing the large and opulent ring he had given her.My cousin’s son is the most delightful, winsome little boy.When I saw how haphazardly computer parts were strewn across Kayla’s desk, I began to question whether I should allow her to fix my own computer.J.T.’s habit of teasing customers during their initial contact with him is an unorthodox approach to selling cars.With their deadline rapidly approaching, the other members of the research team found Myra’s nonchalant attitude to be rather annoying.With a wry smile, Jake explained that he had been fired because he performed his job too well.A throng of people gathered at the scene of the accident.Alma demonstrated great ingenuity by deriving the formula before anyone else in the class was even halfway finished.I saw Martina for a moment before she disappeared into the crowd that was thronging into the stadium.Smith spoke nonchalantly about that phase of his life and didn’t seem to care whether or not other people knew of the details.Given how many people in our society drink alcohol, it is impressive that you and your friends have chosen to abstain.The infamous nature of the Nazi regime is beyond dispute.Ingersoll’s son had been, Ingersoll usually smiled wryly when he heard his son praised.Gina was deeply impressed by the opulence of the Newport Mansions, homes to some of the richest people in America many years ago.Stan’s choice of clothing today was rather haphazard, as he had only had five minutes to get ready in the morning.The man’s ingenuity can be seen in his many criminal convictions and other instances of bad behavior.The way little Leanne screams when she gets frustrated is so winsome.Before he was arrested, the killer’s iniquity was the stuff of legend.Paul’s face was quite florid after spending all day out in the sun.The lizard’s tail protruded from behind the rock.

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