• If you are an HP computer user and you are facing the HP computer won’t boot on Windows 10 issue then you are on the right page. Today we are going to talk about how to fix HP computer won’t boot Windows 10 problem and solution. An HP user may face the computer does not start issue due to several factors or technical glitches. Although, you can solve this issue on your own by implementing some tactics. So, if you are also facing such an issue then stay with this post.

    Ways to fix the HP computer won’t boot Windows 10 issue

    Here we have mentioned the solutions to fix the HP computer won’t boot issue; find out an appropriate solution for your device by going through each solution one by one.

    Solution 1: Try to remove discs and devices

    Follow the steps to complete this process:

    1. Switch off your HP computer
    2. Try to remove discs and USB devices (if any)
    3. Remove memory cards as well (if any)
    4. Now, try to disconnect all non-essential devices
    5. Then, turn it on again

    Solution 2: Perform a Hard reset

    If your computer has not started yet then you should perform a hard reset on your HP computer. You can long-press the power button to perform a hard set on your computer.

    Solution 3: Run hardware diagnostic tests

    If you are still facing the same issue then try to run a hardware diagnostic test on your HP computer running Windows 10. You can also take the help of HP support assistant to run this diagnostic test.    


    In brief, an HP computer may not start due to various reasons. To fix the HP computer won’t boot Windows 10 issue you will need to implement certain tactics. In this post, we have stated the solutions that will be very helpful for you all.

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