Commit e4c5a032 authored by Romain Reuillon's avatar Romain Reuillon

[Doc] fix: format

parent 2feb4614
......@@ -65,14 +65,14 @@ The API of exposes the following routes to submit and manage executions:
} ],
"modified" : 1584980668517,
"type" : "directory"
The fields contains the following info:
@li{@b{name}} - the name of the file
@li{@b{type}} - the type of the file. It can be (directory or file)
@li{@b{modified}} - the date of the last modification of this file
@li{@b{size}} - mentioned only for the entry of type "file". It contains the size of the file.
@li{@b{DELETE /job/:id} - cancel and remove an execution from the server. It has the following parameters:
@li{@b{id} - the id of the mole execution}
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