Commit f865a892 authored by Romain Reuillon's avatar Romain Reuillon

[Plugin] fix: output file when frequency is set

parent d70711a2
......@@ -45,8 +45,12 @@ object SavePopulationHook {
case _ None
val section = OutputFormat.PlainContent(resultVariables(t).from(context), fileName)
outputFormat.write(format, output, section, evolutionData(t)).from(context)
fileName match {
case Some(fileName)
val content = OutputFormat.PlainContent(resultVariables(t).from(context), Some(fileName))
outputFormat.write(format, output, content, evolutionData(t)).from(context)
case None
} validate { p outputFormat.validate(format)(p) } set (inputs += (t.populationPrototype, t.statePrototype))
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