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......@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ object DocumentationPages {
val faq = DocumentationPage.fromScalatex(name = "FAQ", content = scalatex.FAQ, title = Some("Frequently Asked Questions"))
// Plug
def plugPages = pageNode(plug, Vector(scala, java, container, python, r, netLogo, gama, scilab, julia))
def plugPages = pageNode(plug, Vector(scala, java, python, r, netLogo, gama, scilab, julia, container))
lazy val plug = DocumentationPage.fromScalatex(name = "Plug", content = scalatex.documentation.plug.Plug, title = Some("Plug Your Model"))
lazy val scala = DocumentationPage.fromScalatex(name = "Scala", content = scalatex.documentation.plug.Scala)
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ object DocumentationPages {
lazy val scilab = DocumentationPage.fromScalatex(name = "Scilab", content = scalatex.documentation.plug.Scilab)
lazy val gama = DocumentationPage.fromScalatex(name = "GAMA", content = scalatex.documentation.plug.GAMA)
lazy val julia = DocumentationPage.fromScalatex(name = "Julia", content = scalatex.documentation.plug.Julia)
lazy val container = DocumentationPage.fromScalatex(name = "Executable", content = scalatex.documentation.plug.Container)
lazy val container = DocumentationPage.fromScalatex(name = "Any Other Executable", content = scalatex.documentation.plug.Container)
// Explore
def explorePages = pageNode(explore, Vector(samplings, calibration, sensitivity, profile, pse, ose, abc))
......@@ -75,12 +75,13 @@ object UserGuide {
def h2Contents(content: String) = {
val parsing = scala.xml.XML.loadString(s"<html>$content</html>")
val h2s = (parsing \\ "h2").map { h
val text = h.text.replaceAll("\uD83D\uDD17", "")
div(paddingTop := 5, paddingLeft := 10)(a(href := "#" + shared.anchor(text))(text))
val h2s = (parsing \\ "h2") {
case (h, i)
val text = h.text.replaceAll("\uD83D\uDD17", "")
div(paddingTop := 5, paddingLeft := 10)(a(href := "#" + shared.anchor(text))(s"${i + 1} - $text"))
if (h2s.isEmpty) span(marginTop := 40) else div(marginBottom := 30, scalatags.Text.all.h2("Contents"), h2s)
if (h2s.size <= 1) span(marginTop := 40) else div(marginBottom := 30, scalatags.Text.all.h2("Content:"), h2s, br, hr)
def integrate(current: PageTree): SitePage = {
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ To call a native executable in an OpenMOLE task, you can either use:
@li{the @code{ContainerTask} that runs your executable in a portable container,}
@li{or the @code{SystemExecTask} that executes a local command line as if you where in a terminal.}
@h2{The ContainerTask: Run Docker Containers}
@h2{Execute Your Code In a Containers}
The @code{ContainerTask} runs @a(href := "", "docker containers") in OpenMOLE. When your model is written in a language for which a specific OpenMOLE task doesn't exist, or if it uses an assembly of tools, libraries, binaries, etc. you might want to use a container task to make it portable, so that you can send it to any machine (with potentially varying OS installations).
......@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@ You may set the directory within the container where to start the execution from
@h2{The SystemExecTask: Call Local Programs}
@h2{Execute Any Program Available on the Machine}
The @code{ContainerTask} was designed to be portable from one machine to another.
However, some use-cases require executing specific commands installed on a given cluster.
......@@ -346,3 +346,8 @@ If you need another behaviour you can use the same advanced options as the @code
To provide files as input of a @code{ContainerTask} or @code{SystemExecTask} and to get files produced by these tasks, you should use the @code{inputFiles} and @code{outputFiles} keywords.
See the @a("documentation on file management", href := fileManagement.file).
@h2{Generate Complex Parameter Files}
To generate complex input file for you model from OpenMOLE variable, you might want to use the @a("TemplateFileTask", href := templateTask.file).
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