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......@@ -32,13 +32,9 @@ numericaloutput = arg * 2
write(open("output.txt","w"),string("Hello world from Julia #",arg))
We save this to @i{hello.jl} and upload it in your OpenMOLE workspace.
You can then use the following script:
// Declare the variable
val arg = Val[Int]
......@@ -65,8 +61,6 @@ You can then use the following script:
) hook copy on env
Notions from OpenMOLE are reused in this example.
If you're not too familiar with @a("Environments", href := scale.file), @a("Groupings", href := scale.file + "#Grouping"), @a("Hooks", href := hook.file) or @a("Samplings", href := samplings.file), check the relevant sections of the documentation.
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