Commit f44f5174 authored by Romain Reuillon's avatar Romain Reuillon
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[Plugin] fix: limit to 5

parent d53d432b
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ import scala.ref.WeakReference
object SSHEnvironment extends JavaLogger {
val maxLocalOperations = ConfigurationLocation("ClusterEnvironment", "MaxLocalOperations", Some(100))
val maxConnections = ConfigurationLocation("SSHEnvironment", "MaxConnections", Some(10))
val maxConnections = ConfigurationLocation("SSHEnvironment", "MaxConnections", Some(5))
val updateInterval = ConfigurationLocation("SSHEnvironment", "UpdateInterval", Some(10 seconds))
val timeOut = ConfigurationLocation("SSHEnvironment", "Timeout", Some(1 minutes))
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